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Social Media Basics: A Guide for Small Business Owners – Twitter

Many small business owners don’t understand how powerful Twitter can be for discovering new customers.  There is so much more to Twitter than just the 140 characters allowed in a tweet. The power lies in what you do with those updates and how you use the features of Twitter to connect with people, that separates Twitter savvy businesses from the rest of the pack.


You have to keep things moving on this platform.  Updates, posts, replies, and retweets go by in seconds.  You also need something to say.  If your business has a lot of updates or news, or if you can relate your business to current events, you can get a lot of attention on Twitter.


You have to create short messages of no more than 140 characters.  This makes Twitter better for awareness campaigns, with less emphasis on in-depth explanations.


Many Twitter fans are resistant to anyone who tries to sell them a product or service directly.  The etiquette here is to let people know who you are, without being pushy.  Even free offers may be rejected as too strong a come-on.


People who come to trust you and the quality of your posts may eventually follow a link to your company website.  Give them information they can use or that makes them curious, and they may visit you.


All of this makes Twitter fairly labor intensive.  Lest people forget you, you have to visit daily, or at least every few days, and post frequently.  If you make it personal rather than corporate, you may get a decent amount of traffic to your site.


Effort Required:  Twitter is not difficult, but it requires constant effort.


Audience:  Twitter is fairly evenly spread among all age groups.  Choose whom you follow carefully.  The trick here is to get people to retweet you and follow you.  You can build your own audience.



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