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Social Media Basics: A Guide for Small Business Owners – LinkedIn

LinkedIn is geared toward professionalism.  This is NOT the place for pictures of your cats or children, and it is not the place for politics.  Focus your posts on insights about your industry, announcements about you or your company, and useful items for professional readers.


You can post detailed items about how your industry is trending, or deal with technical, social, and financial issues common to your business.  Tout your success in a professional manner, making your posts sound more like press releases or level-headed opinion pieces, rather than fist-pumping rants.


Be careful about whom you choose to connect with.  Many starving artists and business newbies try LinkedIn as a way to make themselves look more important than they are.  Your reputation depends on the quality of your contacts.  Stick to professionals in recognized companies.


Effort Required: LinkedIn does not take a lot of time. You will spend most of your time creating your profile so that you have a professional presentation. You can write short articles to position yourself as an expert in your field.


Audience: You are most likely to reach other professionals on this site.  Users tend to be well educated and have high incomes.


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