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Social Media Basics: A Guide for Small Business Owners – Intro

At the risk of stating the obvious – social media is here to stay.  And for us small business owners that is GREAT NEWS!  Social media offers a broad reach into the marketplace that traditional marketing simply can not compete with from a cost perspective.


Harnessing the power of social channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others takes up a lot of time, energy, and enthusiasm.  We will cover that more in depth in future blogs.


For this series we will focus on the basics –  understanding what each site is for, how people use it, and how that relates to your business.  Don’t worry; it’s simple if you have a good list of sites that explains how they work.


We will cover the most popular social media sites and some others that are less known but that offer added value.  Throughout this series we will provide some brief guidelines on how you can use theses sites and who you might reach.  We suggest that in the beginning stages you get your feet wet with just few and then add more as you become comfortable with using social media for your business.


Most importantly, choose sites based on the personality of your company.  The etiquette for engaging on each site will tell you whether it is right for you.  So let’s get started!


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