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Digital Marketing for Small Business

Digital marketing is everywhere nowadays: from the moment you wake up, you are bombarded by unnecessary information about certain brands. Whether you like it or not, you will find ads in your newspaper, in your favorite TV series’ broadcast, and even in cinemas. However, the biggest advertising front of this generation is the Internet.


Many companies, especially those lead by people born in the previous century, never include the Internet in their plans and end up missing on a lot of free publicity through digital marketing. The biggest companies in the world are all over the Internet, advertising their already successful products, so why shouldn’t you try it too?


The best part about using digital marketing is that it can be free if you can put in the time. You don’t have to spend one cent in order to get your business online and gather a loyal fan base. If you are interested in getting your business online, then the first step is creating social media accounts. The “Holy Trinity” of social media nowadays is composed of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Creating an account on each of those is fairly simple, and should not take you more than one hour to setup a proper identity online. However, the three social media titans are different in nature, which means that you should also be promoting your product in different ways.


Digital marketing with Facebook For Facebook, the best way to promote your product is creating an active fan base and reminding them of your brand with regular posts. Once your Facebook page is up and running, you need to customize it in order to appeal to the public. That’s why you should upload attractive profile and cover pictures, link your website (assuming you have one), and create a great bio so people who visit your page know what your product is about. Then, try inviting people to like your page: friends, family, people from the groups you are into. Additionally, it would be worth a try to enter certain groups and invite the people there, but you shouldn’t spam invites everywhere, as people may look down upon you and start thinking lowly of your product.


Digital marketing with Twitter Twitter is an entirely different beast. On Twitter, you are supposed to create your fan base by proper interaction with others. For starters, you should try following people or pages related to your brand, as chances are they will follow you back. Once you’ve gained a bit of traction, you need to start interacting with bigger pages by replying to their tweets, even when they are not directed at you, because if the page replies too, many of its followers will gain an interest in you and you will probably end up with more followers. Another way of gaining followers is to check the trending hashtags page on Twitter and include the hashtags in your tweets. Just don’t overdo it or include an irrelevant hashtag for the sake of it, as that won’t do you any service.


Digital marketing with Instagram Instagram is the hardest social media platform to take off on. Much like Twitter, on Instagram, you need to start following people and making posts which contain popular hashtags. However, in order to “survive” on Instagram, you need to have an extensive skill set of image editing, and you need to know what photos could properly reflect your product. The best images are the ones in which your product is in the spotlight, surrounded by whatever is fashionable at that time. For example, if you were marketing your own brand of Cola in the summer season, a simple photo of the Cola bottle at the beach would suffice. Instagram can be a bit hard to survive on, but it’s also the most effective kind of advertising because images are memorable and will have people thinking about your product for a long time.


If you do not feel like doing a lot of work in order to promote your product, you can always hire a digital marketing agency. Pretty much every big tech company these days has its own advertising service: from Google to Yahoo and the social media giants.  Utilizing the skills and talents of a digital marketing professional, you can make your product or service reach a lot of people with just a small budget. The best advertising option for social media is Facebook’s, because it offers complex advertising options, tailored for the amount of money you want to spend.


All in all, digital marketing on social media is not hard at all if you follow this guide and if you can stay up to date with the latest trends on the Internet. Just remember to do your research each day to see what new trends or “memes” have appeared, and if they have a big impact on teenagers and young adults, because that should be your target demographic when promoting your product online.

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