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Brand Identity: The Importance of Creating a Brand that Sticks

What do the most successful businesses have in common?  They have a core marketing message that is memorable – they have a brand.  Many people envision a logo when they think of branding their business.  Is this what branding consists of?  Absolutely not.  If you are ready to take your business to the next level, this article will explain more about brand identity, and why it is crucial to your success.


Brand identity involves the perfect blending of many things.  The focus of your business, the image you choose, and your core marketing message need to be blended in a way that makes your business memorable and unique.  When people see your logo or hear the name of your business, it should stick in their mind.  An example of a company with great brand identity is Nike.  Their logo and slogan “Just Do It” have helped make them a fortune.


Your business needs a personality of its own.  Whether conservative or fun and outgoing, it should stand out from your competition.  Creating your special brand requires making it completely your own, in a way that other people will notice.  You want it to stick in their head.


Scott-CookYour brand identity should clearly spell out what the purpose of your business is, how it differs from the alternative solutions, and what makes it so special.  Incorporating authenticity and honesty are also effective in many instances.  Your business will have many unique qualities, but you only need to use the most powerful one when you market your brand.


All businesses benefit greatly from a strong brand.  Your business can compete on any playing field if you have a well-executed brand.  An effective brand identity will make you appear professional, and it will help you gain trust from potential clients and customers.


Once you have determined how to make your unique brand memorable, you need to incorporate it into every single thing you do that is related to your business.  Your business cards, letterhead, email signatures and website should all be consistent and communicate your special brand.


Many people don’t really put a lot of thought into their business website.  It should mirror your brand just like everything else that is connected with your business.  Your logo, core message, and purpose should be clearly discernible to anyone who visits.  Even the colors you choose should match the colors you use on business cards and letterhead.  If you are going to create an effective brand identity, carry it through in every single area of your business, including your website.  The domain name you choose and content on your site should reflect your unique and personal brand.


Brand identity is a concept that doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes time, but if done correctly and with the proper strategy, your business will be the one that comes to mind when someone has a need for the services you offer.  Create your special brand and you will see that growth, trusting clients, and prosperity follow.



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